Environmental business cases, action plans and active nano coatings

We carry out business cases on environmental improvement strategies that consider the quadruple bottom line.

We help businesses decarbonise their operations.

Our nano coatings work to reduce cleaning needs, reduce odour, and improve safety by destroying harmful chemicals and organisms.

A Commitment to Customer Service

We are a no-nonsense, customer service focused business. We will respond to your requests. We will not claim our products can do things they cannot. We will recommend the right product for the particular circumstances.

Business case development

Considering an environmental technology implementation? Not sure of it? We can assess it for you.

Decarbonisation action plans

Is your business striving to decarbonise? We can help assess your business and create an action plan.

Nano coatings

Reduce maintenance. Improve safety. Enhance quality. Clear, active barriers protecting your assets and people.

Company Profile

We are a small niche consulting and services company, providing our
clients with active, green and clean environmental management solutions.

We work in waste, water management, odour abatement, mould control and
cleaning solutions for small or large projects.

Our mission is to provide cost-effective, environmentally-friendly solutions with a high level of customer service.

Contact Us

Send us an email: fiona@activegreenandclean.com